Sea Lion – Further Update

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After leaving the glen in early July and arriving at the works of North Bay Railway Engineering Services, work has begun on our original steam locomotive Sea Lion of 1896.

Her cab front has been removed for further ‘fettling’ work. New flanges have been machined for her new stainless steel tanks and the tanks have been subsequently refitted.

Her boiler work has been completed at Bennett Boilers and is due to be delivered to North Bay and refitted in the near future. It is hope she will be back in service by the end of the season.

UPDATE: 27th July:

Her new cab back sheet and tanks have been fettled and mounted and now her repaired boiler has arrived from Bennett Boilers for mounting on the frames. Her cab windows are in, back of the cab bolted in square.

UPDATE 8th Aug:

Her boiler has now been reunited with her frames and the cab has been assembled. Her inlet manifold has been repaired and machined true, her cab corners have been re-welded, dressed and the re-worked manifold has been assembled in the boiler.LOTTERY FOR WEB

The volunteers wish to thank those generous organisations and individuals who have supported this project: The Manx Lottery Trust, Culture Vannin, The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and the staff and management at the North Bay Railway.