Sea Lion: Out of Action

  • IMG_9042

During maintenance work following the summer season it’s been discovered that Sea Lion requires major work to her boiler.

Since her pre-season examination there has been serious deterioration of the firebox and tubes and will require the boiler to be removed from the locomotive for major repairs and a new firebox. The railway has been struggling with issues relating to water quality and we believe this unexpected deterioration is as a result of these issues.

This work will be a considerable expense that the charity wasn’t expecting so will be looking for sponsorship or support to ensure the line’s original steam locomotive is back operating at the line as soon as possible in 2018.

Sadly this means that Sea Lion will not be in operation for the traditional Christmas services in 2017, however steam locomotive Annie will be in service alongside the exciting debut of a new locomotive for Groudle services…. which will be something to look forward to. Every cloud has a maroon lining!

If you or your organisation can help support the cost of Sea Lion’s boiler work please contact us via the website.