Sea Lion Departs Glen

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Our original steam locomotive, Sea Lion of 1896, departed the glen this week to travel off island to be reassembled.It was discovered at the end of the 2017 season that Sea Lion required major, unexpected work to her boiler caused by issues with boiler water quality.

Her boiler departed the island earlier in the year, but further work was required to replace her side tanks with new stainless steel ones, the replacement of her back cab sheet and further work to her frames. It was decided that this level of work required her removal from the glen and transport to a specialist works.

Our friends at the North Bay Railway Engineering Service in Darlington will be completing the work and the locomotive arrived there during the past week. It is hoped she will be returned to service by the end of the 2018 summer season.

Out grateful thanks to the support provided for this project from the Manx Lottery Trust, The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, Culture Vannin and other generous supporters.