Sea Lion comes home

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Following a number of months of rebuilding work Sea Lion has now arrived back home at Groudle.

Following issues with her boiler, she was initially dismantled in 2017 and her boiler was sent to Bennett Boilers for repair. The remainder of the locomotive was then sent to the North Bay Railway Engineering works in Darlington during early summer 2018 for overhaul and repair works.

Whilst at Darlington a substantial amount of work has been completed including the installation of a new back cab sheet and stainless steel side tanks, blast pipe, new sheet boiler cladding and numerous other repairs to time expired or worn parts.

She has been repainted back into her original 1896 livery with her name in gold leaf lettering and departed Darlington on the morning of Monday 15th October.

Following a pleasant crossing on the Ben My Chree to the island (raising some eyebrows from other travellers) she arrived back down the glen in the evening. She was then off-loaded at the Headland as the evening drew in, before returning back to her loco shed at Lhen Coan.

She will now have a number of steam tests ahead of re-entering service at Christmas.

The volunteers wish to offer their grateful thanks to the Manx Lottery Trust, Culture Vannin, The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and the team at North Bay Railway for their support throughout this project, without which the restoration of Sea Lion to service would not have been possible.