Wet Bit Relay

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Following the Christmas services, Track work has focused on an area just outside Lhen Coan known as the “Wet Bit” where a straight section of track required fully replacing in heavier 30lb rail.

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GGR Wins Tourism Award


Groudle Glen Railway has won the Isle of Man Tourism Best Attraction Award for 2013. All the volunteers who continue to restore, operate and maintain are over the moon to have been recognised with this award after many years of rebuilding the railway and its infrastructure and developing it back…

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Christmas 2013 – A Success

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Following all the usual manic preparations, Christmas 2013 arrived and proved to be our most successful yet. We worked extremely hard this year on improving the spread of passengers across the day so queuing was noticeably less than in previous years which only improved the experience for our guests.

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Drainage Works

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Once the season was complete attention first turned to drainage works on the line. Some of you may recall that ahead of Christmas 2012 many areas of the line were flooded due excessive rainfall, and services had to be postponed, so we sought civil engineering advice regarding the formation of…

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