Canopy Works Continue

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Work is continuing on the next phase of major maintenance work on our Lhen Coan Station Canopy building.

The major works to our flagship station structure have been generously supported by the Elizabeth Clucas Trust and the Scheinberg Family, which to both we offer our grateful thanks. Clucas Trust

Some woodwork repairs have already been undertaken to structural beams and decorative woodwork with more to follow and over the past few days the time-expired roofing panels have been removed which had begun to leak due to age, the damage caused by falling trees and the effects of sulphur smoke damage.

The building was completed in 1993 and is a replica of the railway’s original canopy built for the line’s opening in 1896. Whilst minor maintenance and aesthetic works have taken place over the last 25 years, the effects of being located in a damp tree lined glen have taken their toll and these major works were deemed necessary.

Work will now continue to treat and paint the upper wooden frame of the structure along with the exposed metal-work prior to a new roof being fitted ahead of the main season when the structure will be back in use looking as good as new.