Busy Cliff Top Concerts

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Sunday 13th August saw Groudle blessed with blue skies, warm sunshine and the sound of beautiful music.

Our annual Cliff Top Concerts event, supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council,  brought the sounds of Manx musicians and artists to our Sea Lion Rocks station to perform a day of free concerts outside the tea rooms to the crowds that turned up to enjoy the day.

The Manx choir Caarjyn Cooidjagh were first to perform at 11am, followed by Tree Baatyn Beggey, Biskee Brisht, Truman Falls and The Shenannigans Banned as the finale.

Hundreds of people turned out throughout the day to sit and enjoy music from their favourite group or just to spend the entire day out in the glorious weather and location.

The volunteers at the railway wish to thank all the artists and musicians for performing, all the visitors come came to enjoy the concerts and the Isle of Man Arts Council for their continued support in hosting the event.