Easter Train Tickets – On Sale


Bring the family to visit the Easter Bunny at Groudle Glen on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. OPEN 10am to 4:30pm Take a Vintage Train trip from Lhen Coan station to see the Easter Bunny at the Sea Lion Rocks Tea Rooms, where the bunny has FREE Easter Eggs for…

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Festive 2019 Santa Trains

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The 2019 Santa Trains took place over 4 days in the run up to the big day,… and it was fantastic to see so many families visit the railway, see Santa and have such festive fun and refreshments and hopefully taking away some wonderful memories. It was the first Christmas…

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Christmas 2019 Tickets On Sale

Santa Claus blowing magic snow of his hands

It comes round quicker every year… and once again Santa has booked his visits to Groudle Glen Railway for the two weekends prior to Christmas and the railway will also be running the popular Mince Pie trains on Boxing Day aswell. The all inclusive prices have been held for another…

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Busy Cliff Top Concerts

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Cliff Top Concerts 2019 with Isle of Man Arts Council: thank you to the hundreds of people who were wise to ignore grey clouds and come to the railway today for our annual Cliff Top Concerts. We had great music, atmosphere, stayed dry and even enjoyed unexpected sunshine!! From the volunteers…

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