And her name is….

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Just in time for Christmas… and ready to stand in for Sea Lion at this year’s Santa Trains we are welcoming back our Baguley “Hi De Hi” locomotive.She has been completely rebuilt at the workshops of the North Bay Railway in Scarborough who have done an amazing job, returning to the railway what is effectively a new locomotive.

A lot of thought and consideration has gone into choosing her a name… and it was felt that the one person who isn’t acknowledged at Groudle in any way, is the man who started it all;… Richard Maltby Broadbent who created the glen, zoo, the railway etc in the 1890s, without him there would be no railway.

So we are proud to present… “Maltby”…. who will be in service for our Santa trains starting on the 9th December. Get your tickets now and come and enjoy a ride behind her.